VisioPointer – developed specifically for quality control on food packing lines

VisioPointer® is a complete vision system, with a built-in conveyor belt and ejector. Its compact design makes it easy to install onto almost every existing production line. Click here for more technical information.

Seal Inspection for Optimal Shelf Life
The entire seal area of the packaging is analysed to ensure that the seals are free of food contamination, free of welding errors, free of foil folds and 100% intact. An ideal check and validation of modified atmosphere packaging and the seals of inline vacuum skin packs.

Carried out at up to 200 packs per minute, the TriVision system can validate seal integrity with its unique, advanced image processing software and proven arrangement of camera and lighting above and below the conveyor belt.

Highly reliable and accurate, the system has lights and cameras above and below the built-in conveyor belt, which means that VisioPointer® can inspect labels and artwork, barcodes and printed date markings on both the top and bottom of a wide variety of food containers. It’s ideal for inspecting seals on thermoformed packaging, tray sealed packaging and vacuum skin packaging.

Print Inspection with VisioPointer – the pros of OCR & OCV without the cons
Key information, such as the Best Before, Expiration, and Pack dates are typically printed with an ink jet printer. Nozzle issues, incorrect printer settings and other errors can make the date information difficult to read and cause the print to be positioned incorrectly.

TriVision print inspection ensures that all of these are present and correct on each pack, without causing false ejections. It does that by utilising the advantages of optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV) and eliminating the disadvantage.

Typically, OCR and OCV lack flexibility and have extremely low tolerance to variations in print. This is notorious for causing too many rejections of good product, with a print quality that’s acceptable to the human eye. Product with a tilted, or slightly brighter date mark will be rejected, even if the date marking is correct, readable and positioned correctly, resulting in unnecessary food loss, waste and costs for the manufacturer.

Not only does TriVision’s print inspection system ensure that all date markings are correct, legible and correctly positioned, it does so without rejecting uneccessary products.

Print inspection on transparent foil / film
Date markings are often printed on the transparent packaging of salads, fruits and meat, where as much of the fresh product as possible needs to be seen by the customer.

Many machine vision systems cannot consistently inspect dates printed on transparent foil. This is because the date marking has no solid background, and in fact varies constantly with products such as multicoloured and multi textured salads The resulting lack of contrast, makes reading and verifying the date marking difficult for other systems. VisioPointer® however, comes with a unique print inspection functionality that makes this both possible and reliable.

Automated Label and Barcode Inspection
Label design differentiates the product, makes the packed food appealing, carries important information required by law and the barcodes that are used throughout the supply chain.

Label errors typically occur when the wrong labels have been loaded onto the machine, become damaged, or unreadable, misplaced, tilted, or wrinkled. The TriVision label inspection system ensures that the labels contain the correct product information, design and barcode and that they are intact and placed correctly.

More Information, Demonstrations and Trials
If you would like to learn more about how the VisioPointer can increase your efficiency or if you would like to explore the options for demonstrations and trials, please contact our sales team on 01223 492083 or via

High-end Machine Vision Systems Serving the Food Industry
High-end Machine Vision Systems Serving the Food Industry
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High-end Machine Vision Systems Serving the Food Industry
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High-end Machine Vision Systems Serving the Food Industry
High-end Machine Vision Systems Serving the Food Industry