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Detecting leaks by the bubble method & shows their location on the pack

A simple, visual method for seeing if and where a leak is occurring on a test pack. Ideal for testing packs in which the headspace does not contain a trace gas, such as CO2. Complies with ASTM D3078.

There are three test chamber sizes, to suit pack size.

270mm (dia) x 210mm (h)
360mm (dia) x 585mm (h)
460mm (dia) x 330mm (h)

Process  The test pack is immersed inside the water filled test chamber. The lid is closed and a vacuum created inside the chamber, to a user-preset level.

The test vacuum is controlled by a pressure sensor and cuts off automatically when the preset vacuum is reached. The vacuum creates a differential pressure between the inside of the pack and surrounding water. This drives gas out of any leak present in the pack and bubbles can be seen emerging.

Requires on-site vacuum facilities.

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Test Standards GB/T 15171; ASTM D3078
Vacuum range 0 – 90 kPa
Gas supply pressure ≤ 0.7 MPa (7 kgf/cm2)
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Airproof Package Leak Detector – Vacuum Water Test Chamber