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Paperless QA – Essential First Step to Smart Factory, Blockchain & the Internet of Food Things

Installing Paperless QA within a gas flushing food production factory is the start of a powerful & transformational journey.

Consistent, reliable, real time quality data is now available from Dansensor gas flushing equipment, removing one of the biggest obstacles previously stopping the food industry adopting Block Chain and progressing to Industry 4.0.

Paperless QA captures the live stream of gas flow data transmitted by Dansensor online analysers & gas mixers. When this is gathered with data from other online devices, such as check weighers and metal detectors, a complete digital record of quality parameters is created and time stamped.

Continuous monitoring of the packaging process is the initial and vital first step in the real time control and adjustment of that process.

Paperless QA compares incoming data against the target ranges for each product, logs and reports non-conformities and sends alerts for the corrective actions to be taken.

Stored digital records can be readily retrieved to give full pack traceability, without spending hours manually searching through piles of paper records.

Trending each parameter in real time, or historically, is an incredibly powerful management tool for optimising process and predicting preventative maintenance requirements. With the added advantage of eradicating transcription errors that frequently occur with manual paper based systems, Paperless QA frees up production & quality personnel for other essential tasks.

Smart Factory optimises a fully integrated manufacturing process making it agile and responsive to real time to changes to conditions within the factory and within  processes. To enable it to do so requires the deployment of automation, robotics, secure data exchange & eventually AI.

A continuous flow of secure & reliable quality data and it’s analysis within Paperless QA is the starting point for Smart Factory. Real time quality data is the life blood for monitoring the packaging process and initiating it automated control. By connecting Dansensor’s online gas analysers & digital MAP Mix Provectus into Paperless QA, that real time stream of gas analysis & gas consumption data can be the start of that transformational journey.

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Paperless QA and Smart Factory
Paperless QA and Smart Factory
Paperless QA and Smart Factory