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Final visual inspection of each completed pack prior to dispatch – including seal integrity

Clear, real time data & alerts, as the unit visually inspects finished packs at up to 200 packs per minute. Maximum test pack size: 300 x 250 x 100 mm. (LxWxH). The VisioPointer is delivered complete, making it quick and easy to install into new or existing lines.

At 1.4m long, it has it’s own infeed & outfeed conveyors, cameras, on board PC & touchscreen and lockable reject bin. Simply connect single phase power, 8 – 10 bar instrument air and a dedicated internet connection.

Uniquely, VisioPointer identifies incomplete and contaminated seals, that can leak and subsequently cause loss of shelf life. A fully comprehensive system, it is able to check all sides of a pack for the presence of the correct labels, monitor readability of the print and assess the cut quality of the pack edge.

Human end of line inspectors have a limited ability to consistently and reliably identify non-conforming product. This is especially true on fast, high capacity production lines.

TriVison has developed software with algorithms, capable of monitoring characteristics rapidly and in extremely fine detail. Line operators can completely trust the information delivered by the system and avoiding the confusion caused by the frequent false positives and false negatives from lower capability systems.

1. Seal Inspection Product in seal; Seal contamination; Seal damage
2. Measurement of Cutting Symmetry Ratio of seal widths
3. Inspection of Print Optical Character Recognition (OCR); Optical Character Verification (OCV); Ink quality of date codes; Data correlation with ERP system
4. Inspection of Labels Top side only, or Top and bottom sides; Label ID – correct label(s) for the product; Label position – correct within selectable tolerances; Missing label(s); Barcode quality – 1D & 2D artwork quality

Date codes on clear film can be monitored, by installing a third camera. With an additional 4 – 6 cameras, all four sides of a package, or the side of a round package can be checked.

Production Optimisation Module is an integral part of the VisioPointer software and gives an instant overview of the current production quality. The colour coded display is updated in real time. Users are able to identify the cause of the non-conformities and react to them quickly. This minimises the amount of erroneously packed product and helps to protect a brand’s reputation. There is a fast payback on the investment by cutting waste and rework.

Users can see at a glance which packaging line has current errors, what type of errors have been detected, the frequency at which they are occurring and the location within the machine die they are coming from. The

Production Optimisation Module also delivers the data required to determine and fine tune maintenance schedules. For greater efficiency these are then based on need, rather than simply on routine frequency.

Deeper analysis and comparison of VisioPointer data across time, production lines, products and sites can be very revealing and supply quality evidence for management decision making and reporting.

The Production Intelligence Module is cloud based and provides the possibility of full quality control documentation on critical production processes, flexible reporting, email alerts and reporting on OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is an optional module to the standard VisioPointer.

Through a dedicated and secure internet connection, TriVision offers a range of Service Level Agreements for both the VisioPointer and the Production Intelligence Module. These include annual health checks, daily backup, regular software upgrades and preventative maintenance. Site visits can also be included if required.

For further information, and technical support in making the initial decision to install VisioPointer, please contact our sales team on 01223 492083 or via

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01223 492083

TriVision VisioPointer End of Line Inspection
TriVision VisioPointer End of Line Inspection
Seal Inspection from Trivision

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Contact our sales team
01223 492083

TriVision VisioPointer End of Line Inspection
Barcode & Ink Jet Print Monitoring
TriVision VisioPointer End of Line Inspection
TriVision VisioPointer End of Line Inspection