Demonstrations, Trials, MAP and Machine Audits, MAP Gas Flow Check, Cost Justification Spreadsheets

Demonstrations and Trials
We want you to have every confidence in the Dansensor equipment that you are buying, or renting.

And when you’re changing, or upgrading equipment, especially in a production environment, trials and demonstrations can be a key part of that process, to make sure that you choose the most effective units for your setting.

And with that in mind, we’re able to offer demonstration and trial units for the majority of the Dansensor range so that you and your colleagues are comfortable operating the equipment, and understand how it can improve your quality assurance procedures and provide a secure audit trail.

With some notice and discussion, extended trial periods are also possible, with the full details and conditions discussed on a case by case basis.

Practical trials and hands on experience of the equipment, mean that Capital Expenditure Applications can be proposed with confidence and backed with data directly from your facility and packing lines.

To explore which option works best for you, please contact our sales team on 01223 492083 or via

MAP and Machine Audits
When you’re struggling with repeated product mould and inadequate shelf life, sometimes it’s not always obvious which part of the food packaging process the problem is coming from. Are packs being sealed without the correct headspace gas inside them, or are they subsequently leaking after sealing?

And sometimes when you’ve looked for the problem for so long and not found the answer, another pair of eyes and the fresh thinking you get from our MAP Packaging Audit can be the swiftest solution.

What’s Involved? Our objective is to help you optimise your packaging process by being a logical, unbiased and external set of eyes. Our approach is formulated on the information you give us about the likely causes of your problem and when the answer isn’t clear, we simply start at the gas tanks at one end and work our way to the finished product at the other.

How Long Does it Take and What Does it Cost? How long it takes is difficult to predict until the investigation begins, but all you pay for is our engineer’s time.

Examples of Solutions We’ve Identified for Customers

  1. To help one customer identify the source of their leakers took our engineer two days. As a result of the audit they instigated new and effective quality assurance procedures and purchased a Dansensor® LeakMatic II leak detector and Dansensor® CheckMate 3 headspace gas analyser.
  2. For another customer we identified the problem to be the incorrect verification procedure being used on their existing equipment. We established the correct calibration procedure and trained the responsible personnel to avoid re-occurrence. No other equipment purchase was necesssary.

Find Out More If you would like to discuss your production concerns to book an audit to help you reduce leak and packaging problems, please contact our sales team on 01223 492083 or via


MAP Gas Flow Check
Our MAP Gas Flow Check is a great way of checking how much gas you might be wasting on your flow wrapper or bagger packaging machines and can help you to:

  • reduce the cost of your MAP packing
  • optimising the gas consumption on your flow wrapping & bagging machines

What some Dansensor customers have found

  • gas savings between 40-50% by controlling MAP gas flow using a Dansensor MAP Check 3
  • typical payback period often under 1 year.

Uniquely, the Dansensor MAP Check 3 monitors the percentage O2 content of gas in the forming film tube and automatically regulates the flow of gas to ensure the correct percentage residual O2 is achieved in the pack without over flushing and wasting gas.

If the correct percentage O2 can’t be achieved by regulating the gas flow, the Dansensor MAP Check 3 will automatically stop the packaging machine. An additional advantage in avoiding the need and the hazards of reworking product.

Recovering the cost of the new equipment With the minimum of disruption, we can connect our Dansensor MAP Check 3 trial unit & inline gas flow meter to your packing line and demonstrate unit performance and the potential gas saving that you could be making.

From this we can calculate how much money you could be saving on each specific packing line that we test and you can calculate the payback time on your investment in new equipment.

To book your trial and to discuss your specific application, please call our sales team on 01223 492083 or via


Pre-installation Information & Site Visits
Minimising disruption & down time is key to a successful installation & set up of new equipment. The Tendring pacific team ensures that we play our part in achieving that objective. We always make sure that our customers have full & complete information on what is required & the amount of time needed to complete the job. If we are not sufficiently familiar with the plant. or if we need to discuss implementation, then one of our engineers will visit and agree arrangements to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

Post Purchase Support – Smooth Installation, Performance & Service
We’re here to make the introduction of your Dansensor equipment as easy as possible and to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from it’s introduction.

Fittings kits to make installation run smoothly As an automatic standard, we have a range of fittings kits, specific to each type of online equipment. These include correctly sized push-fit connections and gas regulators. By having all of the correct components to hand, we install as quickly as possible and minimize the downtime on your lines.

The same fittings kits enable us to also carry out your annual service & calibration with the minimum of disruption.

Installation and commissioning Our own fully trained, Dansensor certified engineers install, set-up and commission both online & offline equipment. Installing equipment correctly ensures that it functions correctly and delivers the benefits that you’ve chosen and paid for.

Annual Service Contracts Taking out one of our service contracts is the most cost effective way to access support. Contract customers have priority, enjoy a discount on consumables and for those with offline equipment, have access to free of charge loaner units while we are servicing their equipment.

Regular engineering support visits Especially useful for sites with large quantities of Dansensor equipment and / or those working multiple shifts. We can arrange regular visits from our service engineers to repair equipment, ensure instruments are optimised, or to carry out Preventative Maintenance. The frequency & duration of the visits can be tailored to your specific requirements & programmed to suit your schedules.

Preventative Maintenance Guides
Regular preventative maintenance, carried out according to Dansensor’s recommendations, is critical for the reliable and correct functioning of your equipment. To make the task even easier, we have created a series of Preventative Maintenance Guides which are available as a free download from this website.

Spare back-up units
We hold a stock of back up units in our Cambridge Service Centre, and available for loan, or rent if you require a spare.

Warranty Upgrades Tendring pacific is responsible for the warranty of all Dansensor equipment purchased in the UK through Tendring pacific. Dansensor’s standard warranty is one year parts and labour, on a ‘return to base’ basis (ie travel expenses are chargeable for on site attendance). For customers with online equipment we offer a more convenient option – a warranty upgrade from ‘return to base’ up to ‘onsite’. This can be bought when purchasing the equipment and when Tendring pacific does the initial installation and commissioning.

Training of Supervisors and Maintenance Engineers
To help you to get the most from the Dansensor equipment purchased, we offer on-site training of supervisors & maintenance engineers either on initial installation or as a refresher course. We can bespoke your training to fit your specific requirements.

Our trainer will bring demonstration units to your site and set up a classroom style training – avoiding the distractions of remaining on the production floor, so the attendees get the most from the time spent. Trainees are supplied with training materials that they keep for their future reference.

Optimisation visits
Dansensor equipment is very versatile, so that we meet the requirements of numerous applications. After our initial commissioning and correct set up of the equipment, the instrument settings may get changed, or production may change, so that the equipment setting are no longer optimal. Tendring pacific engineers can return to your site to check that the settings are optimal, change passwords and adjust balances.

Contact our sales team on 01223 492083 or via to find out how we can help you to optimise your MAP production.

Full Pre & Post Sales Support
Full Pre & Post Sales Support
Full Pre & Post Sales Support