A refreshing, customer focused approach to the supply of Quality & Process Control instrumentation to the food and beverage sectors

Tendring pacific represents Ametek Mocon for their Dansensor MAP range. They are a world leading, innovative company that specialises in the monitoring and control of the packaging process, with equipment that maximises the efficiency and profitability of customers.

The Mocon Dansensor range is under continuous development and offers an evolving range of on-line and off-line process control and quality assurance for gas flushed products in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries.

There are new and significant challenges facing the food packing industry in the aftermath of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. When these are combined with the large price increases for carbon dioxide plus the ongoing labour and skills shortages, there is a powerful need for our customers to improve efficiency and achieving more with less.

We have readily integrated solutions for the controls needed to move towards Paperless QA, Smart Factory & 4i.

Purchasing products is only the start of our relationship with you. We have excellent after sales support, free hotline and over 60 “How to” videos, on-site training and offer service & calibration on all the products we provide.

We respond quickly and with integrity, which is why we have so many repeat and referred customers.

We offer the most appropriate testing solutions for your needs – and sometimes that’s quite innovative, because of our experience in several industries which enables us to transfer technology and solutions from one industry to another. And we’ll certainly direct you to another supplier if we feel they have a more appropriate answer for your needs.

We deliver high levels of customer service and satisfaction. We don’t get it right every time, but we strive for that, with technically competent pre- and post-sale support team.

Our motivated, professional and well trained staff can offer you equipment solutions, service contracts, spare parts, consumables, technical and advice.

About Tendring pacific
About Tendring pacific
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About Tendring pacific