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MAP and Machine Surveys
When you’re struggling with repeated product mould and inadequate shelf life, sometimes it’s not always obvious which part of the food packaging process the problem is coming from. Are packs being sealed without the correct headspace gas inside them, or are they subsequently leaking after sealing?

A fresh pair of eyes Sometimes, when you’ve looked at the problem for so long and not found the answer, another pair of eyes and the fresh thinking you get from our MAP Packaging Survey can be the swiftest solution.

What’s involved? Our objective is to help you to optimise your packaging process, by bringing a logical, unbiased and external set of eyes. Our approach is formulated on the information you give us about the likely causes of your problem. When the answer isn’t clear, we simply start at the gas tanks at one end and work our way to the finished product at the other.

How long does it take and what does it cost? How long it takes is difficult to predict until the investigation begins. All you pay for, is our engineer’s time.

Examples of Solutions we’ve Identified for Customers

1. Finding the Source Of Leakers
Helping one customer to identify the source of their leakers, took our engineer two days.
Result:  The customer instigated new and effective quality assurance procedures and purchased a Dansensor LeakMatic II leak detector and Dansensor CheckMate 4 offline headspace gas analyser.

2. Verification Procedures
For another customer, we identified the problem to be an incorrect verification procedure being used on their existing equipment.
Result:  We established the correct calibration procedure and trained the responsible personnel to avoid re-occurrence. No equipment purchase was necessary.

3. Gas Pipes and Regulators
Another customer had “undersized“ gas supply pipework and the “wrong size regulators“. These were restricting gas flow and causing gas starvation.
Result:  The customer installed larger diameter gas supply pipes and replaced their gas regulators. This removed the restriction to flow, allowing a much higher rate of gas flow to each packing line and higher production speeds.

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Consultancy, Machine Surveys and Troubleshooting
Dansensor MAP Check 3 and Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus
Consultancy, Machine Surveys and Troubleshooting
Dansensor CheckMate 3
Consultancy, Machine Surveys and Troubleshooting