Reduces Gas Consumption By Up To 40%

The GasSave function of the Dansensor MAP Check 3 supplies only the minimum volume of gas needed to keep residual O2 within specification.

As a working example, let’s assume that the required gas mix is 70% N2 + 30% CO2 and with an allowed, maximum residual O2 of 1.0%

The gas flow on the MAP Check 3 is set to regulate the gas mix to maintain O2levels between 0.3 – 0.5%. When the packaging machine first starts, there is likely to be 20.9% O2 (air) in the packs. When the MAP Check 3 receives the signal from the machine start up, it initiates the GasSave cycle, which consists of:

1. Flush in Flow A higher rate of gas flow is flushed into the packaging machine, to quickly replace the 20.9% O2 with the required blend of gas in the packs. This is typically a flow rate of around 150L/min for approximately 10 seconds.

2. Gas Regulation After the initial 10 second Flush in Flow, the MAP Check 3 compares the O2% reading against the pre-set GasSave setting of 0.3 – 0.5% O2. It then regulates the flow of blended gas, to ensure the residual O2 remains within the pre-set limits.

The residual O2% after Flush in Flow is usually less than 0.1% O2. The MAP Check 3 responds by reducing the gas flow incrementally, and to a minimum preset flow of around 50L/min, to achieve the required 0.3 – 0.5% O2.

When the O2 begin to increase above the set 0.5% O2 level, the MAP Check 3 then incrementally increases the gas flow to immediately start reducing the residual O2%, before it reaches the 1.0% maximum.

Working in Intelligent Harmony with the MAP Mix Provectus Gas Mixer
The MAP Mix Provectus intelligently mixes gas with digital accuracy and responsively delivers the accurate gas mix at volumes of up to 700 L/min, depending on the gas mix.

Working smartly in-line together, this combination of units is:

  • reducing gas volumes
  • reducing product and packaging waste
  • decreasing labour costs
  • increasing production speeds
  • delivering more product withing specification.
Dansensor MAP Check 3 GasSave Function In Detail
Dansensor MAP Check 3 and Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus

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