8 Key Things To Help Keep Your Production Flowing During Christmas

Essential Service and Maintenance
Dansensor® equipment is robust and extremely reliable, provided routine Preventative Maintenance is carried out at the correct intervals. Annual Service & Calibration should be done by one of our Dansensor Certified Technicians, to ensure measurements are accurate.

To keep your production flowing during Christmas:

  1. Check your service records and ensure that calibration certificates are up to date.
  2. Check you have enough consumable parts on stock. Essential for the reliable operation of equipment.
  3. Change out consumable parts as part of your pre-season, preventative maintenance programme.
  4. Check you have your own back up units on site for process critical operations. That they are serviced and calibrated and ready for swap out if needed. Do you need new spare back up units? We offer fast delivery of most models.
  5. Are all or your colleagues sufficiently trained in the correct use of the equipment – especially any new seasonal workers? Our remote training is very cost affective.
  6. Tendring pacific will be closed from noon Thurs 21st December and reopens at 8.30am on Tuesday 2nd January 2024
  7. We will be offering a free of charge Helpdesk Service, accessible via techsupport@tendringpacific.com
  8. Please note: Tendring pacific will not be able to supply any back up units during the Christmas / New Year holiday period – please ensure you are self-sufficient.
Essential Preparation for Production During Christmas

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