Vital Seal Strength Testing For Tray Sealers, Bagging Lines, Thermoformers and Flowrap

The Dansensor Lippke 5000 is rapidly becoming the vital test of seal strength, for customers who want to make sure that their packing lines are working to maximum efficiency.

Seal integrity and leakers
Simply peeling open a film sealed tray, or prising apart the sides of a crisp bag, to test the strength of the seal by hand, is a highly unreliable and subjective test.

Resistance to peel is lowered when there are gaps in the seal, too small to be seen by the naked eye. These are caused by incorrect settings on the sealing head and are a major source of leaks.

The Lippke 5000 burst tester changes all of that and with a test that takes only 10 seconds to run. A simple burst test with the Lippke 5000 helps to identify the weakest part of the seal on individual packs and can guide the engineers to the precise location of the fault.

Confidence with new eco films
Increased demand for the use of new, environmentally friendly packaging materials, invariably results in the need for different settings for the sealing head, or jaws.

The Lippke 5000 can detect very small changes in seal strength & seal integrity, which enable the user to optimise the sealing of these unfamiliar materials quickly and with confidence.

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Increased Packing Line Efficiency with the Lippke 5000
Increased Packing Line Efficiency with the Lippke 5000