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Collection and Easy Retrieval of CheckMate 4 Test Data

Dansensor CheckMate 4 PC Software stores test results and helps manage users and products of the Dansensor® CheckMate 4.

Test results are in real time are automatically downloaded, via a LAN connection, to the CheckMate 4 and captured in a database.

They can then be reviewed, analysed, or further exported, eliminating the need for paper based records. The software is capable of managing data from several CheckMate 4 instruments.

The PC software makes it easy to create and manage users and products, to set up product measurement details and to monitor general device settings.

Data is traceable by product tested, is stamped with date & time tested and can even identify the person who performed the test. Ideal and easy for audit purposes.

30 Day Free trial version available.

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Dansensor CheckMate 4 PC Software
Dansensor CheckMate 4 PC Software