The last thing you need is a blockage at Christmas!

Which is why we’re reminding you to plan ahead and place an order for those essential Dansensor consumables.

A blockage in either the needle, sampling hose, or water trap, of your Dansensor CheckPoint 3 or Dansensor CheckMate 3 off-line headspace gas analyser can stop your quality control in its tracks. And during a busy production run, even stopping to figure out where the blockage sits, can be too much down time.

Which is why we’re promoting complete sampling kits, that contain a full set of components, to get you up and running again as quickly as possible. Then you don’t waste time stripping out each part, trying to establish which is the offending article!

Click the links here for details of the Dansensor CheckMate 3 Sampling Kit and Dansensor CheckPoint 3 Sampling Kit, which both include sampling hose, water trap (filter) and needle.

If you’d like to add some additional filters, needles, sampling hose, or septum to your order, just head to our main consumables page and filter the results using the instrument check boxes.

You might also be relieved to know that we can still supply sampling kits for the now obsolete Dansensor CheckPoint & Dansensor CheckPoint II

And for those of you focusing on in-line headspace gas analysis, you may want to consider ordering Measuring Gas Filters – yellow and sampling hoses for your Dansensor MAP Check 3.

To Place Your Order and For Further Help

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Don’t Forget The Consumables!
Don’t Forget The Consumables!
Dansensor CheckPoint 3 and Dansensor CheckMate 3
Don’t Forget The Consumables!