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Gas Monitoring, Remote from Test / QC Station

Combining accuracy with convenience, the Dansensor CheckPoint 3 is robust and portable, incorporating a choice of oxygen sensors, to best suit individual applications. Select either:

  • a new accurate ceramic solid state oxygen sensor for low O2 applications ( 0 – 55% O2 )
  • a fast, accurate electrochemical oxygen sensor for high O2 applications ( 0- 100% O2 )

Both sensor types are available in both CheckPoint 3 versions:

CheckPoint 3 Premium

  • %O2 & %Balance – choose the O2 version
  • %O2 & %CO2 and %Balance – choose the O2 /CO2 version

CheckPoint 3 Basic

  • %O2  – choose the O2 version
  • %O2 & %CO2 – choose the O2 /CO2 version

Choose how you use the test data

  • WiFi enabled for automatic data download & logging – CheckPoint 3 Premium
  • Visual Display only and hard copy transcribed by operator – CheckPoint 3 Basic

Small sample volume. Only requires a 7ml gas sample to complete an analysis. Test results are displayed within nine seconds. Ideal for high frequency testing and for testing packs with a small headspace.

The new solid state ceramic oxygen sensor gives the highest level of accuracy for a portable instrument. It only requires an annual service and calibration (no daily calibration needed). Comes with a three year warranty, reducing the cost of ownership.

Rechargeable batteries. With more environmentally friendly, rechargeable lithium batteries, the unit holds sufficient charge for 2000+ measurements.

3.5” colour touchscreen user interface. “Low gas flow” alarm warns the operator of a blocked water trap, or test needle that needs changing.

Supplied with: 100 septums, 10 needles, 10 water trap filters, power supply.

CheckPoint 3 Premium CheckPoint 3 Basic
WiFi enabled Not available
User set up Not available
Gas flow alarm Gas flow alarm
Up to 10 individual user IDs Single user
100 different product IDs Single product ID
Up to 500 test results per product Single reading
Dimensions & weight 75 x 100 x 175 mm (H x W x D) 0.7Kg
Power Supply Battery; up to 2000 measurements on fully charged battery at 20°C; recharge time 5 hours max
Options Standard consumables kit (1 sampling kit, 1000 septums, 10 needles (0.8 diameter) 10 water trap filters), metal needles
Connections Wi-Fi (WPA, WPA2, WPA enterprise)
Calibration and service 12 months
Working temperature 0 to +40°C, less than 95% RH non condensing
Compatibility CE, RoHS
Data package Extended memory - up to 1 million measurements
Wgat's included in the box? 100 septums, 10 needles (0.8 diameter), 10 water trap filters, power supply with interchangeable plugs
Available Configurations O2 (ceramic solid state sensor) O2 (electrochemical sensor) CO2 (infrared single beam sensor)
Sample volume (min) 5ml 5ml 5ml
Sample time (min) 7 seconds 7 seconds 7 seconds
Measuring range 0-55% 0-100% 0-100%
Resolution 0.1% oxygen 0.1% oxygen 0.1% carbon dioxide
Sensor accuracy ±(0.1% O2 + 2% of readout) ±0.25% O2 + 2% of readout) ±2% CO2 in range 0-20% ±3% CO2 in range 20-100%
Heating time 5 seconds N/A N/A
Expected sensor lifetime >3 years >1 year (depending on usage) >5 years
Food applications Vegetables (raw and prepared), meat (processed), fish (raw and prepared), cheese, prepared meats, snack foods beverages Meat (raw and smoked), fish (smoked), bread (treated with alcohol) fresh pasta, fermented foods, coffee All

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Dansensor CheckPoint 3 O2, O2/CO2 Portable Headspace Gas Analyser
Dansensor CheckPoint 3 O2, O2/CO2 Portable Headspace Gas Analyser

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Dansensor CheckPoint 3 O2, O2/CO2 Portable Headspace Gas Analyser