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Measures the Oxygen content in inert gasses from 1 ppm to 100%

The Industrial Sensor Module ISM-3 is a digitally controlled O2 analyser with user programmable gas alarms and complete, self-diagnostics with system alarms.

An extremely versatile analyser with very low maintenance requirements and high reliability. Ideal for high precision welding applications.

ISM-3i & ISM-3x are both available with or without an integral sample pump. There are two different display options to suit the application.

  • ISM-3i – separate panel mounted display
  • ISM-3x – integrated display within an enclosure

Proven technology with excellent accuracy of better than +/- 1% of the reading. A large measuring range of 1ppm – 100% O2 auto-ranging. Two settable oxygen % alarms.

Available Dansensor ISM-3 Versions Type Pressure Pump Remote display Built-in display 230 VAC 115 VAC
600286 ISM-3x Yes Yes Yes
600285 ISM-3i Yes Yes Yes
600287 ISM-3i, Pump Yes Yes Yes
600288 ISM-3x, Pump Yes Yes Yes
600281 ISM-3x Yes Yes Yes
600280 ISM-3i Yes Yes Yes
600282 ISM-3i, Pump Yes Yes Yes
600283 ISM-3x, Pump Yes Yes Yes
Sensor type Ceramic, solid state O2 sensor
Start Up Time 10 min. Full specs after 20 min.
Calibration intervals 12 months
Accuracy Better than ± 1% of the displayed value, ± 1 digit in calibrated range
Sensor Flow 125ml/min
Alarms Two O2, concentration alarm settings, system fault alarm (bad gas flow, sensor error etc)
Alarm output Max 48 V, 1 A( common, NO or NC)
Current Output 0/4 - 20 mA as standard (optional: 0-10 V if specificed with order), scale can be defined by the operator
Signal Output 10-32 VDC external measuring control signal for start/stop of the analyser
Power 230 VAC (115 VAC) ± 10%, 50-60 Hz
Cabinet Stainless Steel
Measuring Range 0-100% (std calibration 0-20.9%)

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Dansensor ISM-3 Oxygen Gas Analysers
Dansensor ISM-3 Oxygen Gas Analysers