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Accurate, High Volume Gas Mixing for Gloveboxes and Welding

High capacity mixers capable of producing up to 90 m3 / hour and available in both two and three gas versions. They produce an accurate and consistent gas mix, regardless of input gas pressure fluctuations. This avoids the need for operators having to repeatedly adjust the mixer settings.

The Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus – Argon has a very low pressure drop across the mixer, making it ideal for use with O2 and N2 gas generators. Current gas flow & cumulative gas flow can be viewed and exported via the LAN Ethernet port.

Safe for use with any mix of argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide & air. For ease of installation, any gas can be connected to any inlet port.

Up to three units can be piggy-backed together, which means that output can be raised to 270 m3 / hour, assuming a minimum input pressure of 6 bar on all inlet ports.

The MAP Mix Provectus – Argon produces a very accurate and consistent mix, regardless of input gas pressure fluctuations. Input gas pressures should be between 2.1 – 10.0 bar.

Mass Flow Meters accurately monitor the volumes of the infeed gasses to the MAP Mix Provectus – Argon. In comparison, old technology, traditional mixers, rely on the evenness of the input gass pressures, which rarely remain constant.

For maximum output volumes, all input gas pressures should be between 6.0 – 10.0 bar. When producing a 2 gas mix, the 3 gas MAP Mix Provectus – Argon produces twice the output of a 2 gas version, if the gas with the larger ratio is installed onto two of the three inlet ports. The unit automatically does the calculation.

Additional Benefits for Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus – Argon Installations

  • Fittings Kits – 2 versions N2/CO2 only & O2
  • On site installation & training by our installation engineers

To get the most from your MAP Mix Provectus – Argon, we offer the following options:

  • IP 54 Stainless Steel Enclosure for use in both wet & dusty environments
  • Warranty Upgrade
  • Annual Service Contracts & Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Plantstats QC Pro Paperless QA software for data collection with email/SMS alerts
  • Buffer Tanks installed for a complete Central Mixing capability
Gas Media Dry and clean O2, CO2, Ar, N2, or Air (o°C to +50°C / 32°F to +122°F gas temperature)
Gas Inlet Pressure 20 to 10 bar 930 to 145 psi), depending on back pressure and flow
Pressure Drop Example: 1 bar at 10 bar input pressure (14.5 psi at 145 psi input pressure)
Gas Flow Per Gas String 6 to 500 L/min (0.21 to 17.6 SCFM)
Max Output Gas Flow 2-gas: 1000 L/min (2115 SCFH), 3-gas: 1500 L/min (3175 SCFH) depending on mixture setting
Mixer Settings Range 0%, 2% - 100%
Mixer Accuracy ± 2% absolute in flow ranges above 50 L/min 105 SCFH) total output flow. Argon: ± 2% absolute argon flow > 501
Flow Measuring Total and daily consumption
Operating Modes Buffer or Flow configuration,selectable in software and by installation
Mixer Configurations 2-gas or 3-gas models available, with LCD display, or as 'Black Box' without display
Connections 2 x RS232C, LAN 10/100Mbit (Modbus TCP), USB, 24 VDC logic for start/stop and alarm
Power Supply 103-132 / 207-264 VAC (autoranging), 47-63 Hz
Dimensions 192 x 230 x 375 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 12.0 - 14.0 kg (depending on model)
Mix 2-gas 3-gas
Typical Mix 1 Ar 82% + CO2 18%, flow range: 33 to 609 L/min Ar 70% + CO2 20% + O2 10%, flow range: 60 to 714 L/Min
Typical Mix 2 Ar 90% + CO2 10%, flow range: 60 to 555 L/min Ar 70% + CO2 28% + O2 2%, flow range 300 to 714 L/min
Worst Case Mix Ar 98% + CO2%, flow range: 300 to 509 L/min Ar 88% + CO2 10% + O2 2%, flow range 300 to 568 L/min
Best Case Mix Ar 50% + CO2 50%, flow range: 12 to 1000 L/min Ar 34% + CO2 33% + O2 33% flow range: 18 to 1470 L/min

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Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus – Argon

Contact Our Sales Team

01223 492083

Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus – Argon