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Advanced Technology For Accurate Mixing Without Ongoing Operator Adjustment

High capacity gas mixer either used singly on individual packaging lines, or piggybacked together with a buffer tank to provide central mixing capability. Available in both two and three gas mix versions.

Safely mixes any combination of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and atmospheric air. Any gas can be connected to any inlet port for ease of installation.

Data Streams
Live gas flow & cumulative gas flow can be viewed and exported via the LAN ethernet port. By connection to our partner software, Plantstats QC Pro, the volume of gas used & the cost of the gas consumed can be displayed & recorded.

Set in buffer tank mode, or flow mode and interchangeable between thermoformer / tray sealer or flow wrapper / bagger lines, the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus 2 and 3 Gas Mixer is fully flexibility across a site.

Unique and consistent in delivering an accurate gas mix, regardless of any input gas pressure fluctuations that inevitably occur throughout the working day. Removes the need for operators to repeatedly adjust the mixer settings.

Mass Flow Meters accurately measure the volumes of in-feed gasses from input gas pressures between 2.1 – 10.0 bar. This is a significant advance on the old technology of traditional mixers, where any consistency in the input gas pressures cause disruption to production, slower running & quality issues.

Maximum Output Volumes
To achieve maximum output volumes, all input gas pressures should be at 6.0 bar and above. At that level, the maximum volumes of mixed gas for the most common mix ratios are:

Mix 80% / 20% 70% / 30%
2 Gas MAP Mix Provectus 625 L/min 714 L/min
3 Gas MAP Mix Provectus 1250 L/min 1428 L/min

When creating a two gas mix, the three gas version of the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus delivers twice the output of a two gas unit. This is achieved by connecting the gas of the larger ratio onto x2 of the three inlet ports. The MAP Mix Provectus automatically does the maths.

Additional Benefits for Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus Installations

For ease of installation we also offer:

  • Fittings Kits – N2/CO2 version & O2 version
  • On site installation & training by our installation engineers

To get the most from a MAP Mix Provectus, we offer the following options:

  • IP 54 Stainless Steel Enclosure for use in both wet & dusty environments
  • Warranty Upgrade
  • Annual Service Contracts & Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Plantstats QC Pro Paperless QA software for data collection with email/SMS alerts
  • Buffer Tanks installed for a complete Central Mixing capability
Gas media Any mix of dry oxygen, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen (0°C to +50°C gas temperature)
Gas inlet pressure 2.1 – 10 bar, depending on back pressure and flow
Pressure drop Example: 1 bar at 10 bar input pressure
Gas flow per gas string 6 – 500 l/min
Output gas flow Total output flow up to: 1000 l/min (2-gas) and 1500 l/min (3-gas) depending on mixture setting
Mixer settings Range 0%, 2% – 100%
Mixer accuracy +/- 2% absolute in flow ranges above 50 l/min total output flow
Flow measuring Total and daily consumption
Operating modes Buffer of flow configuration, selectable in software and by installation

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Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus 2 and 3 Gas Mixer

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