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Non-Destructive Headspace Oxygen Gas Analyser for Packages

For the fast and accurate analysis of the %O2 in headspace gas. In non-destructive mode, the OpTech O2 P is ideal for repeat shelf life testing of clear film packages. In invasive mode, it is ideal for testing packages with very small headspaces, such as coffee pods, or pharmaceutical blisters.

The OpTech O2 P has a flexible capability by using the optical fluorescence measuring principle. The accuracy of this method relies on the internal gas pressure of the test package being known and compensating for it. The unit does this automatically.

There are three ways the unit can be used:
Measuring headspace gas in clear film packages. A self-adhesive platinium sensor is adhered to the inside of the test pack before it is filled with product alone, or with both product and gas. The sticker sensor is placed in the package using a vacuum pen. After the package has been sealed, the oxygen content can be repeatedly measured by pointing the handheld reader at the sticker sensor. Ideal for shelf life studies.

Measuring the oxygen content inside opaque packages such as retort pouches. The ImPULSE platinum sensor – ideal for shelf and respiration trials. Complies with ASTM F2714-08 and ASTM F3136-15

Piercing packages when used in conjunction with the invasive needle that incorporates the platinum sensor. This test method is ideal for measuring packs with a limited volume of headspace gas such as pharmaceutical blisters. The fluorescence measuring method is not cross sensitive with CO2 so ideal for testing coffee pods.

Delivery includes PC software for data capture.

Repeatability (0 to 150 mmHg) ± 0.100% (1000ppm) O2 or 5% of reading whichever is greater
Repeatability (150 to 1000 mmHG) ± 0.015% (150 ppm) O2 or 2% of reading whichever is greater
Range 0.050% (500 ppm) to 25%
Operating Temperature 5 - 40°C
Repeatability (certified) ± 0.015% (150 ppm) or 3% of reading whichever is greater
Range of adhesive sensor 0.001% (10 ppm) to 25% O2 Permeation Mode
Range of Adhesive Sensor 0.015% (150 ppm) 25% Headspace Mode
Operating Temperature 5 - 40°C
Standards ASTM F2714-08, ASTM F3136-15
Warm up time 20 mins
Detector Dimensions 4.83x3.30x22.86 cm with needle (HxWxD) 4.83x3.30x15.24 cm (HxWxD)
Measurement method Flourescent decay
Power Standard power USB port (2.5 watt)
Operating temperature 10-35°C
Compliance CE
Mocon OpTech O2 Model P Gas Analyser

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