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Transforms Data Capture and Process Control of Gas Flushing in the Food and Beverage Industries

Transitioning into Smart Factory requires MAP test data to be automatically logged in Paperless QA. The Plantstats QCPro MAP Module is an ideal component for Paperless QA in food production halls and is an essential component for that transition into Smart Factory.

Plantstats QCPro is an automated, digital data collection and management system that avoids labour intensive and costly paper based quality assurance recording schemes.

The Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer and Dansensor MAP Check 3 online headspace gas analysers have led the way in helping production plants move to automation, maintain tight control of the packing machine performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Now, with Plantstats QCPro, we can help you to step that up to an even greater level of two way control and accountability.

Real time test results from the Dansensor MAP Check 3 family of online headspace gas analysers and MAP Mix Provectus gas mixers are automatically downloaded into Plantstats QCPro. This immediately avoids the possibility of transcription errors, compares incoming quality data with target ranges and reports non-conformities, by sending email, or SMS alerts.

Plantstats QCPro Paperless QA

Reduces Manual Testing Delivers instant data retrieval for audits
Enables 2-way communication with the production line Displays live production data to PC, tablet or Smartphone
Eliminates transcription errors Sends non-conformity alerts automatically
Calculates cost of gas consumption per SKQ/line/shift etc Displays Product Standard Pack images for operator viewing
Allows multiple sites can be run from a single software installation Purchase or Rental options

QCPro is web based and quickly installed for any number of monitoring instruments within a factory. It is readily expandable. Additional devices can be added at very little cost. Plantstats QCPro software can either installed on a your own server, or remote cloud server.

Test data is captured efficiently and error free directly from Dansensor MAPCheck 3 analysers, or the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus, via LAN (local area network), or RS232 connections.

Data is stored in a Microsoft SQL database, enabling the exchange of data with a site’s existing systems. Plantstats QCPro can also read information from ERP and production management systems, avoiding the double entry of data, transcription errors. Seamlessly helps with the production of factory reports.

Platstasts QCPro software will compare the latest incoming quality data against pre-determined target ranges for that product. It is date and time stamped, logged, and non-conformities are reported. SMS or email alerts can then be sent when corrective actions are required.

Report and analysis tools can be displayed on any PC within the business using the usual internet browsers.

Real time and cumulative gas flows are logged from the MAP Mix Provectus. With this data, Plantstats QCPro will calculate the cost of the gas consumed for each product on each packaging line. Auditing of data by production run, works order and batch are all supported.

Retailer and BRC audits can be dramatically simplified by using the Plantstats QCPro Trace Pack Function. Select the product, packaging line, date and time on a pack and Plantstats QCPro will quickly display the quality data and mixer settings relating to that pack and for the packs produced 2 mins before and after the identified production time.

Trending each parameter in real time, or historically, is a very powerful management tool for optimising the process and predicting preventative maintenance requirements. Digital records give full pack traceability, without ploughing back manually through piles of paper records.

QCPro Standard Reports:
Site Overview Dashboard Non-conformity Reports
Works Order Report TracePack Report
Gas Usage By Line & Site Gas Usage By Product
Variance Across Products

Plantstats QCPro is expandable, as and when additional Dansensor devices need to be added. The MAP module is fully integrated with other Plantstats modules, to enhance capability and produce an intelligent, factory monitoring and optimisation system. Data can also be captured from a wide range of Checkweighers, Metal Detectors and X-Ray devices. Additional Plantstats QCPro modules include:

OEE ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness ) Checkweigher Data Collection
Metal Detection & X-Ray Data Collection Manual Average Weight System
Paperless Production Records Production Set Up
Operational Intelligence ( Trends & Predictive )

Multiple Site Usage is allowed from a single software installation, making Plantstats QCPro extremely cost effective. Having installed the software once, additional locations, or sites, can be added by simply paying a connection fee per device, regardless of where it is located. There is no requirement to purchase the software again.

Purchase or Rent Plantstats QCPro. We offer both options, allowing you to select which route best suits your company. We deliver the same product and the same level of support, whichever option you choose.

Plantstats Annual Support Contract covers telephone, e-mail and remote support via WebEx, or VPN connection and direct contact with the dedicated Plantstats Support Desk.

Support is available between 09.00 – 17.00, Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays. Response time is within 8 hours and usually within 2 hours. The contract fee is 15% of the total purchase price of software and connections, payable annually.

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Plantstats QCPro
Plantstats QCPro
Plantstats QCPro
Plantstats QCPro

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