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In-line Non-destructive Leak Testing of Packs in Trays and Sealed Cartons

Fully automated, end of line and non-destructive leak detection system. Very sensitive. Uses the CO2 in the pack as a trace gas to detect micro-leaks.

Eradicating micro-leaks is essential for ensuring that the stated shelf life of products is reach. Even a pack with a single extremely small leak will have it’s gas flushed headspace returned to atmosphere within a few days. Real time quality information enables immediate intervention by site engineers / operators to address the cause of the leak and progressively improve packaging performance and overall equipment effectivenes (OEE).

Supplied with either manually fed, or fully automated conveyors for testing up to 4 cases, or trays, of packed product per minute. The LeakMatic II system has been designed to test several cartons, or trays, in one cycle. It is therefore possible to test all packages within moments of them being produce.

The progressive optimisation of the packaging process and the reduction of waste, or returns and of rework, all combine to give a fast payback on investment.

Process  Trays, or cases of packages are placed inside the Dansensor LeakMatic II test chamber and a user-defined vacuum is created. The vacuum produces a pressure difference between the inside of the packages and the test chamber, causing CO2 from the package to escape into the test chamber, even through the smallest leak.

Two highly sensitive CO2 sensors measure the difference between the %CO2 of the chamber and the atmosphere. A difference in %CO2 of 10-12 ppm indicates a leak. The alarm is activated and the carton /tray is automatically rejected.

Delivery, Installation and Training  All deliveries include initial site survey; factory acceptance test (FAT); delivery; installation and training; post-installation optimisation and refresher training.

Package Sizes LeakMatic II (Small) LeakMatic II (Medium) LeakMatic II (Large)
Max package size (with packfix) 260 x 390 x 310 mm (HxWxD) 245 x 610 x 300 mm (HxWxD) 330 x 610 x 300 mm (HxWxD)
Min package size (without packfix) 260 x 390 x 330 mm (HxWxD) 260 x 610 x 400 mm (HxWxD) 350 x 610 x 400 mm (HxWxD)
Optical sensor Data logging and export of test data
No heating time Fully automated non-destructive testing
Easy operation via touch screen 3-year CO2 sensor warranty
Fast detection of micro leaks Easy to set up and operate
Variety of post-installation technical support packages Test of 4 shipping cartons per minute
100% test of all your packages directly from the packaging line Full installation, set-up, commissioning and training
Package types Flexible and non-flexible packages. Individual packages or complete shipping crates.
Number of product set-ups 16
Start up time After power on: 1 minute. After stand-by: 20 seconds
Test pressure Down to 300mbar absolute
Test speed Up to 4 cycles per minute
Dimensions and weight Cabinet size 1825 x 880 x 1050 (HxWxD) Weight approx 450 Kg
Power supply 400 VAC
Connections 2 x RS232 for printer. PC connection
Relay outputs All relay outputs: Max 48V / 1A; "System Ready", "Ready to Test Product", "Test OK", "Leak"
Notice The LeakMatic II is delivered without safety shielding, conveyor or rejection unit
Compliance CE

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Dansensor LeakMatic II
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