The Most Compelling Market Conditions for Installing Accurate Gas Control from Dansensor

The gas flushing sector of the food packing industry has never faced such a prolonged shortage of CO2 and intense pressure from customers to ensure they despatch produce within Sell By Date specification – as well as reducing waste and keeping costs under control.

Two Immediate and Vital Solutions from Dansensor
Taking immediate action with the installation of the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus and Dansensor MAP Check 3 will quickly help you to:

  1. minimise your gas usage and more accurately control
  2. guarantee that the headspace gas is within permitted tolerances and the procuct complies with Sell By Date specification.

Dramatic Reduction of Your Gas Consumption
On average our customers see a reduction of 40% in their CO2 gas usage, thanks to the unique GasSave function of the Dansensor MAP Check 3. A saving further enhanced by the accurate digital setting of the correct gas mix.

Relieving Your Labour Shortage
Labour shortages are seriously affecting almost every food packer. The digital data streams from the MAP Mix Provectus and MAP Check 3 are already enabling many of our customers to divert the limited staff number they have to other vital tasks.

The constant data streams from the two Dansensor units feed directly into your centralised Paperless QA system, can automatically trigger alarms and/or halt production, should gas flow, or the gas mix, drift out of the accurate, digitally set tolerances.

Accurate Gas Mix & Sell By Dates Mean Less Waste from Lack of HGV Drivers
A shortage of HGV drivers often means that it is taking longer for product to reach the final supermarket outlet. With shelf life so critical, accuracy of gas mix becomes even more essential for making sure the Shelf Life is reached.

Accruate gas mixing from the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus and precise monitoring of the mix at the point of delivery by the Dansensor MAP Check 3 add another layer of confidence to your despatches.

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A Lifeline for the Shortage of CO2, Labour & HGV Drivers
A Lifeline for the Shortage of CO2, Labour & HGV Drivers
A Lifeline for the Shortage of CO2, Labour & HGV Drivers