Time to start accurately controlling and reducing your CO2 consumption

In the first week of September, BOC wrote to customers explaining that CF Fertilisers (CFF) has announced its intention to temporarily halt ammonia production at it’s Billingham site. This plant is the largest producer of carbon dioxide in the UK and pivotal in the supply of CO2 across the UK and Ireland.

BOC has been able to secure alternative supplies of CO2 from sources across Europe. Unfortunately, these come at a considerable price premium, temporarily increasing the current surcharge to £1,540 per tonne. For more information from BOC, please visit www.BOConline.co.uk/co2-surcharge

With carbon dioxide surcharges at these unprecedented levels, it is absolutely vital for every food packing plant, to run an in depth assessment of their MAP gas lines.

Our immediate solution is the Dansensor MAP Provectus gas mixer and flow control unit and the Dansensor MAP Check 3 in-line headspace gas analyser with its GasSave function, which are able to:

Trim the CO2 % in the mix, whilst still ensuring the gas mix is within the tolerances required for the stated shelf life. This is only possible with the MAP Mix Provectus, because of it’s reliable technology that can operate with a +/- 2% tolerance on the mix

Reduce CO2 consumption, by monitoring the gas in the pack, because the MAP Check 3 dynamically regulates the flow of flushing gas in real time, with typical gas savings of 40%

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Carbon Dioxide Surcharge Now Over £1500 / Tonne
Carbon Dioxide Surcharge Now Over £1500 / Tonne
Dansensor MAP Check 3 and Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus
Carbon Dioxide Surcharge Now Over £1500 / Tonne