Is 2024 Your Time to Automate?

Many of our customers are focused on, or seriously considering, automation of their packaging lines. New 2024 budgets and surplus monies from 2023 budgets are already being targeted on these key upgrades to automation.

Key Benefits of Automating Your Gas Flushing Lines

  1. Reduced staffing levels – lowering staff overheads, or the inability to recruit
  2. The impact of the minimum wage increase
  3. Reduces volume of plastic waste
  4. Delivers real time “out of spec” gas readings
  5. Identifies and reports faults immediately
  6. Saves significant time with Retailer/BRC audits
  7. Checks 100% of production

Downloading test data is not just for checkweighers and metal detectors

You already have the capability to download data with the latest

Data can be automatically downloaded into your Data Acquisition System and/or integrated with your OEE and ERP Systems. And that means:

  • BRC and Retailer Audits become child’s play
  • There is no more laborious manual data recording
  • Manual data transcription errors are eliminated
  • Your data storage costs are slashed
  • Data integrity is guaranteed
  • Management data for CI is readily available
  • Test data can be retrieved remotely

Tendring pacific MAP Consultancy, Machine Surveys and Troubleshooting Services
Our sales team and Technical Solutions Manager, are on hand to talk through all aspects and areas, where the comprehensive range of Dansensor equipment can play a major role in your packaging line automation.

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Automated Data Collection With Dansensor

How Dansensor Equipment Can Help Automate Your Packaging Line
How Dansensor Equipment Can Help Automate Your Packaging Line