Our In-line & Off-line Dansensor Headspace Gas Analysers Can Help Shape Your Company Policy

As we start to surface from lockdown, many companies are having to create new and appropriate social distancing policies for the safety of staff.

Food producers and packers are operating under tremendous pressure as customer demand continues at a pace. The need for precise and accurate quality control has also never been higher.

There are several ways in which the Dansensor range of headspace gas analysers can help with your social distancing policy and the pressure on quality assurance:

Set up more off-line headspace gas analyser stations

Whether these are at the side of the production line, or in the QA laboratories it means you can maintain, or increase, through put and at the same time, create a safe distance between colleagues.

The portable Dansensor CheckPoint 3 and CheckPoint 3+ headspace gas analysers are ideal for remote working. Lightweight and wi-fi enabled, their rechargeable batteries last for 20,000+ readings.

The benchtop Dansensor CheckMate 3 is the work horse of headspace gas analysers and the ideal choice for where you are establishing new socially distanced QA testing stations in a fixed working space.

Add In-line headspace gas analysers to packing lines

The installation of a Dansensor MAP Check 3 or MAP Check 3 Vac to your production line enables you to constantly monitor the gas mix at the point of packing. This means much greater flexibility when it comes to staff movements and social distancing.

Link MAP Check 3 to Plantstats QCPro for Paperless QA

The live data stream from the Dansensor MAP Check 3 feeds directly into Plantstats QCPro and your Paperless QA system. Staff no longer have to be on the packaging line for QA checks. Direct data transfer means that monitoring can take place over the internet, enabling staff to either work in separate offices, or even from home.

In these times of reduced labour it also give the opportunity for staff to be redeployed onto other tasks, with the analysis of your gas monitored remotely, rather than checked manually, with staff together in close, proximity.

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Your Staff Social Distancing Policy
Your Staff Social Distancing Policy
CheckMate 3 (l) and CheckPoint 3 (r)
Your Staff Social Distancing Policy
MAP Check 3 (l) and MAP Check 3 Vac (r)
Your Staff Social Distancing Policy