Excess CO2 on your packing line can cause headaches for your staff and your buget

With an intelligent Dansensor MAP Check 3 constantly monitoring CO2 flow on each packing line, our customers are saving between 22 – 61% of their previous CO2 gas consumption. That’s an average CO2 gas saving of 44%.

And the added bonus is that by reducing the excess CO2 in the atmosphere around the production line, staff are less likely to suffer from headaches as well. (Click for more information about Health & Safety Executive Guidelines)

How We Achieve That
The Dansensor MAP Check 3 inline headspace gas analyser samples the gas every second, as it arrives in the tray sealing chamber. Linked with the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus it accurately and intelligently controls the flow of gas to ensure that it consistently remains within your pre-determined gas level tolerances.

This impressive, gas mix / flow control / headspace gas analysis combo, completely removes the ‘gas flow guesswork’ on production lines that use manual valve adjustment for gas delivery. The Dansensor units offer accurate, touch screen adjustment to gas flow, with customer determined tolerances and trigger alarms that immediately stop production should they drift out of spec.

Why Manual Valve Systems Delver Excess CO2
When CO2 is delivered through manual valves, many shift operatives over flush, to ensure that O2 levels are flushed to well below the maximum tolerance.

Under these conditions, offline headspace gas checks confirm that the product is in specification and the lines are can be kept running. While that may seem like a logical strategy, there are several significant downsides to manual valve control including:

  • an expensive and unnecessary volume of CO2 is being used
  • the vast majority of that CO2 is being wasted into the factory atmosphere
  • a needless financial waste
  • creates a significant health issue for your staff
  • headaches become a common symptom amongst staff
  • reduced ability to concentrate can lead to more errors
  • constant headaches can lead to staff absenteeism

The Solution – The intelligent Dansensor MAP Check 3 and Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus combination.

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Stop Your Carbon Dioxide Headaches
Stop Your Carbon Dioxide Headaches

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