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Continuous Monitoring of Gas Output from Gas Mixers or Within Buffer Tanks

Specifically for the continuous monitoring of a gas mix from a pressured source, including from buffer tanks and gas mixers. There are 3 versions available:

Monitor % O2 only – reports % O2 & % Balance.
Monitor % CO2 only – reports % CO2 & % Balance.
Monitor both % O2 + % CO2 – reports % O2 & % CO2 & % Balance

Particularly useful in monitoring the consistency of the gas mix produced by traditional, old technology gas mixers, from which the gas mix fractions can change repeatedly, with changes in the gas input pressures. The test data can be automatically downloaded to Paperless QA software.

Process  The Dansensor® MAP Check 3 Pressure continuously draws a gas sample, controls the pressure of the gas sample and passes it through a Dansensor Zirconia O2 sensor and IR CO2 sensor.

A continuous stream of realtime test results are compared against the target values for that specific mix. Alarms are activated if the test results are out of specification. A current, or voltage signal and 24VDC logic for stop/start can also be sent to stop/start the process. The data can also be exported in realtime via a LAN or RS232 ports.

Technical Specifications O2 Sensor CO2 Sensor
Key Features Fastest and most accurate oxygen sensor 0-100% range Temperature controlled dual beam infrared carbon dioxide sensor 0-100% range
Accuracy ±0.01% absolute range below 1% O2 ±1% relative in range above 1% O2 ±0.5% absolute ±1.5% relative to reading
Heating Time Heating Time: 10 minutes Heating Time: 8 minutes
Models Oxygen only, carbon dioxide only, or combined oxygen and carbon dioxide
Connections x2 RS232C, LAN 10/100 Mbit (Modbus TCP), USB, current or voltage output, 24 VDC logic for start/stop process of alarms
Power Supply 103-132 / 207-246 VAC (auto ranging), 47-63Hz
Dimensions 192 x 230 x 375 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 8.5 - 11.5 kg (depending on model)
Compliance CE and Food Safe
Gas Inlet Pressure 2 to 10 bar (30 - 145 psi)
Gas Media Dry, clean and non-corrosive gasses

Further Benefits and Options
To streamline installation, Tendring pacific offers:

  • On-site installation and training by our installation engineers
  • IP 54 Stainless Steel Enclosure for use in both wet and dusty environments
  • Warranty Upgrade
  • Annual Service Contracts and Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Plantstats QC Pro, paperless QA software for data collection with email/SMS alerts
  • Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus – for total control

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