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Off-line Headspace Gas Analyser & Seal Integrity Tester In A Single Unit.

The Dansensor MultiCheck 2 is a 4-in-1, benchtop headspace gas analyser, integrated with a seal integrity and leak tester, with a valve testing unit option.

The Dansensor MultiCheck 2 is designed for operational efficiency and combines Dansensor’s long established and proven technology from their CheckMate 3 headspace gas analyser and their Lippke 5000 seal strength & leak tester.

Compliant with ASTM F2095 for testing flexible packaging, the optional valve testing unit can be added to test packs of ground coffee, that require the release valve to be leak tested and pressure release verified, in addition to the testing of the headspace gas and pack seal integrity.

Suitable for all gas flushed packs, the Dansensor MultiCheck 2 can store up to 999 test programmes. These can be set up and saved for each pack type and easily recalled, when needed to carry out future tests.

Test programmes can also be linked in series and saved into a new programme. When these are selected by the user, they enable a number of test types to be carried out automatically on a single package. For example, headspace gas analysis – leak test – burst test. This significantly reduces the time spent setting up individual tests and as a consequence reduces test pack waste.

The MultiCheck 2 has a wide selection of dedicated ports, to aid and speed set up. This reduces the need for time consuming physical changes, when connecting the test head, the valve testing unit, or barcode scanner for easy production identification. It also offers swift access to USB ports for automated data download in realtime and test programme transfers between sister instruments.

Integrity of test data is key. The MultiCheck 2 can store 100,000 test results in the internal memory and/or download the test data into a Paperless QA system avoiding transcription errors and eliminating a time consuming task.


  • Complete MAP quality control of headspace gas analysis and seal integrity
    Quick and reliable testing using proven technology
  • Optional Valve Release Unit for testing coffee packaging
Four tests in one: headspace, leak, valve leak and valve release Optional degassing, valve test unit
Test head with integrated sense probe Easy maintenance and cleaning
Touchscreen with intuitive interface Individual user logins
Store test settings for repeatability Data storage and real time data transfer
USB port for connecting optional barcode scanner, keyboard or printer Compliant with ASTM F2095
Headspace and Leak Specifications Headspace Analysis Leak Detection
Sample volume (typical) 25.7 ml n/a
Measuring range 0-100% O2 10-1000 mbar (0.15-14.5 psi) VTU mode 0-350 mbar (0-5 psi) Low range: 10-350 mbar High range: 350-1000 mbar
Accuracy of measurement ±0.25% O2+ 2% of reading Low range: ±0.5 mbar (0.007 psi) or ± 0.5% of reading High range: ±5 mbar (0.07 psi) or ± 0.5% of reading
Test types Headspace gas analysis; leak detection (burst and leak options); optional valve leak and valve release tests
Typical test time 60-90 seconds (combined headspace and leak test on 500 gram bag); dependent on test settings, package size, etc.
Heating time (max) 10 min
Number of test definitions 999
Applications Coffee (ground and whole bean) bags and packaged pillow packs
Package size (max) 5 liters
Data collection capacity Test data from more than 100,000 tests
Data export Stored data to CSV file (USB) or real time data transfer CSV-string per test (RJ-45)
Dimensions (WxDxH) and weight Instrument: 304 x 236.5 x 185 mm (12” x 9.3” x 7.3”) 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs) Stand + test head: 250 x 330 x 410 mm (9.8” x 13.0” x 16.1”) 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs)
Calibration and service 12 months
Ambient temperature Operational: +2°C to +35°C Storage: -20°C to +60°C
Relative humidity Operational: 10 to 90 %RH (non-condensing) Storage: less than 95 %RH (non-condensing)
Ambient pressure Operational: 750-1050 mbar
Power supply and consumption External PSU, 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz Max 40W
Air supply pressure and connection 2-5 bar Ø6/4mm tube DIN ISO 8573-1:2010 [4:4:3]
Air consumption Max 5 L/min (depending on test settings)
Connections LAN: RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, DHCP client or fixed IP USB: 1 x Host, USB 2.0 Type A; 1 x Device, USB 2.0 Type B (max current 500 mA)
Consumables and accessories Septa, valve test unit, barcode scanner with USB connector, keyboard with USB connector
Warranty 12 months
Compliance CE, China RoHS II
Standards ISO 11607, ASTM F2095 (Standard Test Methods for Pressure Decay Leak Test for Flexible Packages) 240123 V2

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Dansensor MultiCheck 2 Offline Headspace Gas Analyser and Seal Integrity Tester
Dansensor MultiCheck 2 Offline Headspace Gas Analyser and Seal Integrity Tester
Dansensor MultiCheck 2 Offline Headspace Gas Analyser and Seal Integrity Tester
Dansensor MultiCheck 2 Offline Headspace Gas Analyser and Seal Integrity Tester