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Dansensor CheckPoint 3 O2, O2/CO2 Portable Headspace Gas Analyser

The robust and portable Dansensor CheckPoint 3, combines accuracy with convenience and a choice of oxygen sensors. Click the link opposite, for our series of videos on the key features of this versatile portable headspace gas analyser.

Caring for Your Dansensor CheckPoint 3

Daily and Weekly Preventative Maintenance We recommend that your CheckPoint 3 is serviced every x months, or at zzzzz, whichever is sooner and that the Daily and Weekly Preventative Maintenance procedures, highlighted in the Preventative Maintenance Guide (link to the right) are followed in between services.
Annual Service / Calibration Contract Return to Base Annual Service & Calibration & Certification. This is the most popular option for benchtop and handheld analysers. We offer a loan instrument for the time your unit is with us, so your production and quality control isn't impacted. Instruments are shipped to our address at the bottom of the page. For further information, please contact our service team on 01223 49208x or email
Ad Hoc Service and Calibration
Repair Repairs are generally performed off-site, in our workshop
Address for Shipping Tendring pacific, Unit C, South Cambridge Business Park, Babraham Road, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3JH
Dansensor CheckPoint 3 Service, Calibration and Certification, Maintenance, Repair and Consumables

Key Feature Videos of the CheckPoint 3

Watch Here »

Dansensor CheckPoint 3 Preventative Maintenance Guide