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Detecting leaks by the bubble method & shows their location on the pack

The Airproof  Package Leak Detector is a simple, visual method for seeing if and where a leak is occurring on a test pack. Ideal for testing packs in which the headspace does not contain a trace gas, such as CO2.

Routinely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries. Complies with ASTM D3078 and GB/T 15171 standards and can be modified to ASTM F 2054 Bubble Test.

Test description The test sample is placed in the water filled vacuum chamber. The air above water level is removed by a venturi vacuum ejector creating a pressure difference between the chamber and sample. If there is leak, bubbles will escape from the higher pressure sample and be observed in water.

PLC control unit HMI touch screen operation Automatic test process
Digital input - vacuum level & test time Parameters and test data (failure and non-failure) saved automatically Automatic vacuum maintenance & back-flushing
PMMA vacuum chamber for food & pharmaceutical testing Uses compressed air to convert to vacuum. No vacuum pump required Different chamber sizes available

Vacuum: 0~-90KPa (relative vacuum)
Gas source: Compressed air

Inner chamber size options (actual test volume):

  • 464 mm (D) 420 mm (H)
  • 364 mm (D) 650 mm (H)

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Airproof Package Leak Detector – Large Pack Vacuum Water Test Chamber

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