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Off-line Leak Detector for testing Trays & Cases of Packed Product

Final non-destructive inspection, for pack integrity checks on product already packed inside their transit cases or trays.

The Dansensor® LeakPointer II E2 employs a very sensitive test method capable of detecting microleaks. The problem is caused by poor seals, product entrapment, seal contamination, or pinholes in the packaging film.

This is a non-destructive test, that minimises the product and the packaging waste caused from using destructive methods. By incorporating a large test chamber, the LeakPointer II E2 is also capable of checking a high volume of product.

In common with Dansensor’s other leak detection units, the LeakPointer 3 and LeakPointer 3+, the test method uses CO2 as a trace gas. The packs being tested must therefore contain a minimum 20% CO2.

This is a dry, non-destructive and well proven method that eliminates the more basic use of a water bath and the associated biological hazards that presents within production areas.

The Dansensor® LeakPointer II E2 is a robust, free standing unit, designed for locating at the end of the production line. Testing packages shortly after they have been produced gives a continual flow of real time information to assist in the optimisation of the packaging process and facilitate it’s continued improvement.

Complete trays, or cases, of finished product undergo a final check before proceeding to dispatch. This efficient leak check adds confidence that everything has been done, to ensure the integrity of the pack seals.

Process The case or tray(s) of product is placed in the test chamber and the lid closed. This automatically activates the vacuum pump to evaluate the test chamber amd creates a difference in pressure between the inside of the packs and the test chamber.

This pressure difference forces gas out of the pack(s) and into the chamber. A sensitive CO2 sensor detects any increase in CO2 levels within the chamber and registers a leak both visually & audibly. The finished packages must contain at least 20% CO2.

Non-leakers continue to be palletised and leakers can be investigated. Test results are stored for subsequent export / download.

Sensor type Optical
Start Up Time After power on or standby: 1 minute
Test Pressure Down to 200 mbar absolute
Number of Test Programs 500
Data Collection Capacity Test data from approx. 20,000 packages
Connections 3 x RS232 for printer, PC connection and bar code scanner
Third Party Software Compatibility Mettler-Toledo, Sartorious ProControl (WinSPC), OCS ComScale NT
Package Types Flexible and rigid packages. Individual packages or complete shipping crates
Maximum Product Size (DxWxH) 545x650x150 mm or 410x630x210 mm - due to bubble lid 270x500x270 mm - due to bubble lid (Fits E2 standard crate
Power Supply 400 VAC
Dimensions (DxWxH) 815x1030x1050 mm
Weight 173 Kg

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Dansensor LeakPointer II E2

Dansensor LeakPointer II E2 Preventative Maintenance Guide

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