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Tests the seal integrity / seal strength and for the absence of leaks

Very versatile, benchtop system for testing a wide variety of trays, bags, pouches, blisters and bottles and even porous Tyvek bags. Ideal for packs not containing a modified atmosphere trace gas, or for medical and pharmaceutical applications requiring IQ/OQ and where secure data to CFR Part 11 is required. Compliant with ISO 11607, packaging for terminally sterized medical devices.

Two system variants are available depending on the volume of testing and further use of the test data:
Lippke 4500: PC controlled. Ideal for high volume testing, or those requiring extended data analysis capability, data storage and documentation of test results. Audit trails are made easier.
Lippke 4000: a stand alone system incorporating the user interface within the test instrument. No PC is required. Designed for production environments and routine lab testing.

Single test or multi-test capabilities available, including Burst, Leak, Creep, Creep to Fail, Creep & Leak, Creep & Burst and Creep, Leak & Burst. Depending on the Lippke variant, different tests maybe combined to run in series, making for more efficient testing.

Seal Strength Test: By increasing the internal pressure of the package at a given rate and monitoring the pressure at which the seal bursts. Compliant with ASTM F2054, Burst Testing with restraining plates.

Leakage Testing: A pre-selected air / gas pressure increases within the package to a pre-set level and is then held at that constant level for the required test time. Any pressure loss by the end of the test is an indication of a leak and can be used to calculate the hole size. Compliance with ASTM F2095 – Pressure Decay Leak Test.

Creep Test: A constant air / gas pressure builds up in the package. The time it takes for the seal to peel is measured and is an indication of the peelability. Compliance with ASTM F1140 – Medical Packaging Creep Test without restraining plates.

Bubble Test: The test package is placed under water and pressurised to a defined pressure for a defined period of time. This is an optional test with the Lippke 4500. Compliance with ASTM F2096 – Determining Gross Leaks by the Bubble Method.

Leak Size Determination: A selected pressure is built up in the package and held at that same level. By measuring the flow of gas into the pack, required to keep a constant pressure in the pack, is indicative of the size of the leak. In accordance with Hagen-Poiseuille law.

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Air Pressure 4.0 - 8.0 bar
Time Test 1 - 10,000 seconds
Pressure Units mbar, millimeter of mercury (mmHG) pounds per square inch (PSI)
Number of Test Programs 500
Envoronmental Temperature +15°C to +40°C (+59 Deg F to +104 deg F)
Environmental RH 0% - 90% non condensing
Two Measuring Ranges 1) 10 to 1,000 mbar/0.145 to 14.5 psi 2) 200 to 3,000 mbar/2.9 to 43.5 psi
Resolution per Measuring Range 1) 0.1 mbar/0.0015 psi 2) 1 mbar/0.015 psi
Accuracy of Measurement 1) ± 0.5 mbar/0.007 psi or 1%* 2) ± 1% *
Repeatability per Measuring Range 1) ± 0.5 mbar/0.007 psi or 1%* 2) ±1%*
* which ever is greater in the specificed range
Communication RS232 port
Compliance CE
Standards ASTM F-1140, F-2054, F-2095, F-2096, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 11607
Lippke 4000 Lippke 4500
Power Supply 103 - 264 VAC 103 - 264 VAC
Power Frequency 47 - 63 Hz 47 - 63 Hz
Dimensions 13.5x10.3x5.1 inches (WxDxH) 34.4x26.2x13 cm 13.5x10.3x5.1 inches (WxDxH) 34.4x26.2x13 cm
Weight 14.3 pounds / 6.5 Kg 14.3 pounds / 6.5 Kg
Display Integrated External PC Monitor
Lippke 4000/4500 Package Testing System