Reliable Automation With the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus and Dansensor MAP Check 3

With staff shortages so acute and the demand from customers to keep costs low and waste to the absolute minimum, there has never been a greater incentive to automate your gas flushing process.

The benefits include:

  1. Reduced need for labour intensive, manual offline gas check
  2. Reduced volume of plastic waste created from off-line destructive checks
  3. Real time delivery of “out of spec” gas readings by text/email (via Plantstats QCPro online software)
  4. Fast fault finding with remote diagnostics
  5. Significant time savings preparing for Retailer/BRC audits with all digital data to hand
  6. Checks 100% of production in real time.

Simple Installation of Dansensor Units
With the digital precision of the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus and/or Dansensor MAP Check 3  deliver instant automated gas mixing and on-line gas analysis.

The devices are connected to your network via ethernet cables and generate gas usage and online gas analysis data either every 1 second, or on each cycle of the packaging machine, depending on the type of packaging machine.

Data capture is delivered over the network either through your existing data capture software, or optionally, via the Plantstats QCPro online software, which is also available through Tendring pacific. Real time “Out of Spec” gas readings are triggered and sent either as text, or email, via the Plantstats QCPro online software.

Free MAP Audit
We offer a free on site MAP Audit, so that we can assess the current status of your gas flushing lines and to help identify and detail what would be required to automate your MAP process.

After discussing our findings, we can then offer a trial of both Dansensor units and the Paperless QA software, as reassurance that the benefits can be delivered.

To arrange your free audit, please contact our sales team via 01223 492083 or


Key Benefits of Automating Your Gas Flushing Lines With Dansensor
Key Benefits of Automating Your Gas Flushing Lines With Dansensor

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