New To Gas Flushing – Leak Detection

Dansensor’s investigative work on leak detection has disciovered that the majority of leaks are caused by very small holes. Almost two thirds were less than 200 micron.

An effective leak detection method must therefore be sufficiently rigorous and sensitive and run for long enough to be able to find those very small holes.

Having even a small leak in a gas flushed pack will cause the headspace of the pack to return to atmosphere (20.9% oxygen ) within a few days. The larger the hole, the faster the decay of the modified atmosphere.

Starting with a headspace of 0.1% O2 and by using a series of certified holes, Dansensor measured the time taken for a pack atmosphere to return to 20.9% O2. Even a pack with a very small hole of 50 micron was found to have a headspace of 10% O2 after only three days. This further highlights how essential it is to detect even very small holes to ensure shelf life.

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Leak Detection