Minimise Gas Use – Minimise Waste to Landfill

With the growing pressure and focus on sustainability many of our gas flushed, food packing customers are appreciating the need to get it right first time – each day and for each product change over.

Accurate Gas Mix and Headspace Gas Monitoring
The digitally accurate gas mixing and gas flow of the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus and Dansensor MAP Mix Focus are vital tools – and particularly when linked to and supported by the constant in-line headspace gas monitoring from the Dansensor MAP Check 3. They help to:

  • minimise, optimise and reduce CO2 usage*
  • reduce the quantity of incorrectly flushed packs needing to be stripped out
  • minimise the amount of packaging waste that has to be sent to landfill
  • reduce the amount of product that is wasted
  • minimise the amount of product repacking, all of which demands more energy, water and labour
  • reduces wasted transport expended on incorrectly packed product sent to retailer distribution centres.

* Dramatic Reduction of Gas Consumption
On average our customers experience a reduction of 40% in gas usage, from the unique GasSave function of the Dansensor MAP Check 3, plus further savings, by digitally and accurately setting the correct gas mix.

Efficient Leak Detection
We know from recent conversations at the PPMA 2023 Exhibition, that leak detection is a keen consideration for many production lines. Understanding how trapped product and inefficient sealing jaws can be the downfall of a complete shipment, unless spotted quickly and efficiently.

Dansensor has an impressive range of off line leak detectors – both off-line destructive (Dansensor Lippke 5000) and off-line non-destructive (Dansensor LeakPointer 3 & 3+)and in-line (Dansensor LeakMatic II).

Our sales team can help guide you to the most effective solution for your setting.

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More Effective Sustainability – Smarter Gas Flushing with Dansensor
More Effective Sustainability – Smarter Gas Flushing with Dansensor
Dansensor MAP Check 3 and Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus
More Effective Sustainability – Smarter Gas Flushing with Dansensor
LeakPointer 3 and LeakPointer 3+